Look Ma’, no tiles!

100% vector mapping, 0% tiles. Promised.

The magic behind Kartograph

The core concept of Kartograph is to separate the mapping process in the map generation and map rendering part. The client-side library kartograph.js renders pre-generated maps stored in SVG files. You can chose among hundreds of ready-to-use maps or simply generate your own using kartograph.py, the open source Python SVG map generator.

From ideas to maps

  1. Choose which map you want to display and which projection should be used. Currently you can create maps from ESRI shapefiles only, but more formats will be supported in the future. To help you a bit, there now is a visual editor that gives you a JSON configuration for your map.
  2. Generate the map SVG using kartograph.py. Customize the map, filter or join features, add a graticule.
  3. Load the generated SVG into your website using kartograph.js. Specify which layers to add and add some decent styling to them using CSS. You can even add more advanced styling using SVG filters.
  4. Visualize your data using map symbols, choropleth maps or dot grids.